Hang the Businessman! Print E-mail
Written by Anando   

Trying to run a business in India is like trying to shit out huge lumps of coal. All you get after the excruciatingly painful process is a wet lump of stinky coal which you cant even burn to save your life. Thats how it is to run a small business in India. Why do I say that? Please read on.

Howzatt Print E-mail
Written by Anando   

Gurgaon is definitely turning into the shop stop for Delhi's Urban elite and why not! I am down with democracy and all that but everyone needs a familiar corner for themselves where they can chill out with their buddies with people of their kind after all Zebras dont run with horses. I do not want to associate myself with lounges where they are playing the latest Punjabi Bhangra while watching some item number on their large screen.

Nice site PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando   
Monday, 08 February 2010 19:05

I found this website which lets people tell them about their clients. If you look at the pattern of submissions its very interesting to see that most of them are either graphic designers or web designers. Yes indeed how did I chose such a line with the worst bloody clients on earth. Enjoy the nice site and have a good laugh.


Mark my World Print E-mail
Written by Nehmat Kaur   

Staring at my textbooks all day has had a curious effect on me, maybe it happens to everyone but I’ve never studied for great stretches of time so I wouldn’t know. As the words gradually start to swim in front of you or you avidly watch a pigeon sitting on your window sill, random reflective thoughts float through your head and some manage to stick for longer than a second.

3 Idiots Print E-mail
Written by Renu   
Friday, 15 January 2010 13:37

3 Idiots. I am sure by now all who read and go through this portal have  seen this movie already . Am also sure if we start raving and ranting about this movie we can actually form a "fan club" on this lil site of ours. A wonderful movie which got an appropriate wonderful response from people. I am not here to narrate the movie or get down to writing a review on it...neither am I a critic nor a promoter...what I like about the movie is that it touches nearly each and every one of us in a certain way... we all can relate to it in some way or the other. I have heard  responses like"oh I wish this movie had come 20 years ago , i would have been different with my kids".A realisation which lay dormant inside us was evoked by the  small magical world of cinema. My sons friend declared it as the best movie till date ...and I totally agree with him . A small screen wonder which can impart a positive approach and action is something we are all on lookout for ..a movie which can mobilise a change of heart and approach of even a few thousands has done its job.
The Banladeshi Genocide Print E-mail
Written by Anando   

 The genocide of Bangladesh is probably one of the most unknown and unpopular genocides in the history of human race but what strikes me the most is when present day Bangladeshis say it was all done by the Pakistanis and they had no hand in it. Let me give you a figure to digest. 3 million. Yes , the population of few countries in the world is around 3 million. 3 million is the population of most major cities in the world. That is the number of people , let me clarify my statement, that is the number of Hindu bengalis who were killed in 1971 during the liberation of East Pakistan which now everyone knows as Bangladesh.

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