India is turning into Pakistan PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando   
Thursday, 17 May 2012 02:32

How does one man's moral obligation turn into death of freedom for everyone else. In every other free country democratic country of the world, the majority rules the minority. Here few religious fanatics and politicians rule all of us. Why the sudden outburst about something we have all known and lived with all this while? Well because, the govt. of India (and the judiciary) has decided that they have the right to tell us what to see and what to not on the internet.

It has started blocking websites. I was as usual on my way to find some torrents when I got this error "site has been blocked due to court order". I thought it must be a case with that particular site but no all torrent sites seem to have the same issue. Then I realised that I had read someplace in postscript size, something about the govt. hurriedly getting the power to shut down websites as and when they see fit. The end of an era ? Maybe, maybe not. Will the educated tech savvy people of India let this pass ? Only time will tell but one thing is for sure, the media again will have to play a big part in this.

For now the jury is literally out (of its mind)

Seems the main reason is this

Calcutta high court has ordered shutting down these sites, leave it to West Bengal to be idiotic.

Some one should take a stay order in supreme court against this nonsense.


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Goodbye Clarence, My Friend, Rest in Peace PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando   
Saturday, 14 April 2012 19:13


The sands of time have this ill effect on every person, it blurs memory like a faded picture except few staunch ones which are hard enough not to go. I remember the first time I went to Clarence's house, it must have been good 15 years ago. We were in class 7th and he was already a musical talent worth recognising and I was the guy who understood computers.

The only similarity we both had that some how we both knew that our courses would remain the same. He invited me over to work on 'cake walk' , a music software. I was very pleased by his invitation and went over to watch him feed his talent into a digital form while I tried to make sense of the software. Thats when we started to get friendly and hang out.

He had started to make a name for himself, every musical show in school , he was the star. He was the school darling and he had this cool persona around him but he never got arrogant. After school we got seperated. He went on his path and I on mine. I kept getting news of how fast he was scaling new heights which we never though was possible. Playing all over the world with international bands and all I felt was pride but I never contacted him as I felt that he may think worse of me for my timing. He may think that I suddenly got interested in our old forgotten friendship because of his fame.

One day, I got onto a new social site (not facebook) and it automatically added him without me realising it and he messaged me with great enthusiasm. "Where have you been,Onondo?" as he always called me , trying to pronounce my bengali name properly but always failing. I felt relieved that I had nothing to fear and he was as humble as ever. We had a nice chat and promised each other of meeting soon however the sands of time again had other plans. I fell very ill with multiple TB. When I got a little better , I came to realise that Clarence was suffering from a deadly disease at the same time as me. I suddenly felt there was an invisble bond tying us together.

It was a good 9 months before I felt well enough to get out of my house and one of my first plans were to go meet a brother who was possibly suffering more than me. I bought him a book to read and reached his house and found a bald man with a big smile. His fiery mowhalk was gone and the sight really pained me but we chatted for hours at his place and he faked how much he loved my gift. To all our relief he was feeling better soon and before you knew it , he was back to his old self, playing in bands all around the world but by now we both had got quite close.

One day he invited me for a show where he was playing. I reached and called him to say that I had reached not realising he was already on the stage and was just about to start playing. He picked up the phone and with the usual jovial voice told me, "dude , I am on the stage , Ill call you back!". I looked up and yep, there he was, switching his phone off. I felt like such an idiot but he never made me feel bad about it.

After the show when his other band members were busy signing CDs, we sat together and had coffee before deciding that we should all head out for some fun. He and another member of his band along with me got into his old maruti van and started club hopping. It was a saturday night and every club we went to was jam packed. Muscle bulking wanna be hulks barred entry to almost all decent night clubs and there was unforgivable lines of people jostling to get in but not us. Everywhere we went, they saw Clarence and that was enough. We were in. Once a bouncer stopped me "Oye Kahan ja raha hai ?" he asked putting his massive palm on my chest and Clarence rushed back and said "oho! he is with me" and I was in again.

We were chilling around from club to club enjoying our life with great company of musicians and creme de le creme and yet he had no qualms about who he was. He was exactly the same guy whose home I was invited to sort out "cake walk". Since then we kept meeting on and off and he never changed except one night when he called me up late and I could very clearly hear that he was feeling very down. That was the first time I was feeling scared for him as I kept getting better and he kept hiding his actual condition to me. He said " Onondo , I am getting very tired of this dude. I want to be better, there are so many things I need to do". We chatted for a long time and he soon had actually started sounding better and I thought he would be with us indefinitely. We started making plans of trips to hill stations and whether we would drive there or be driven. Everything was getting back to normal, atleast that is what he made me constantly feel and then , he left us.

This humble musical genious who always made me feel special had gone to a better place where we all soon would be joining him but till then you shall be dearly missed my brother, very dearly missed. Take good care of yourself and trust me, we will have that trip we both wanted to and Ill drive you there .


Rest in Peace dear friend,

Clarence Gonzalves

24th October 1984 - 13th April 2012

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SOmething very interesting I found online on PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando   
Thursday, 29 March 2012 15:12

SOmething very interesting I found online on



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Dear anka's joy. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Fomi   
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 08:25

Does life need a force to run or it does so at it's own pace? Do relationships culminate for the reason they are destined to or because people work on them? Do people fall out despite feeling for each other or they throw away what they have begun to take for granted?? Not knowing what losing it might entail. Life teaches us in bounty which we refuse to take sitting down, challenge everything that is destined or what we make for ourselves. 
I have an experience to share which right now is like a lump in my chest, tears willing to stream down at the slightest provocation, a heavy heart which was once enthused and effused with love now feels unsuited to feel any kind of emotion. Feels dead inside! A numbness caused by the mindless pursuit of my friend to satiate his desires, unfailing boost of ego and to nestle himself in the comforting league of people around him.
An old time friend that he is suddenly finds his life with me a drag along, he is looking for adventure, a pasture which has not been tread upon by him, a woman who is worthy of his idealogies. Suddenly, all that I did becomes minuscule, my feelings don't deter him from delving into the next step of indulgence. He recklessly goes on to tell her how fond he has got of her, plans trips outdoors, fixes another set of dates where he conveniently would have her in her tow. AND, all this in one meeting? HOW, how men are charmed so much by a woman that they are willing to throw away all that they had with their previous ones. How lying becomes an integral part of their life with you, how guile they get in their dealing with you? Everything seems farce,everything that happened becomes subatomic.
I feel like a spurned lover who has been shunned to depths unknown. I have become the worst example of myself..pat come his words. I want to sink in the very ground I tread on. It hurts, like nothing I can describe, plunging into an abyss of dark and gloom that engulfs my being. Whereas he seeing me in such pitiable state takes pity and tells the girl in order to finish up with her "I like you, but you love...."

Tell me , does this sound like ending a relationship or telling the other person to dump whom she loves and go for him? He maintains he planted himself away from her by saying that.
Does it sound or seems even close to his interpretations?? I am very sure it doesn't ! What say you all ?? While everyones brains are being chewed with thoughts of what idealistically was the right choice, I go douse myself with couple of vodka shots, to drown the pain inflicted on me. The stinging sensation in the throat soon resulted in me feeling like I was sinking...I flail my arms and yelp for help which probably went unheard...tears streaming , choking, gasping for breath, my failing strength trying to reach out for someone....


With a bump on my head and a bruised elbow I am peeled out of the world where I would never want to be. Phew!!! With a sigh of relief that it was just a dream I try to embalm myself to the soothing world of pleasurable sleep which now eludes me. And what the heck..are dreams so philosophical?

There was a time in life gone by PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando   
Sunday, 09 October 2011 00:38

There was a time in life gone by,
Emotions and pain made one cry,
Pictures of hope and love kept at bay,
Dawned now, gone are those days.

Eyes have gone dry and one cant cry,
For hopes of redemption, there wont be a try,
Attempts were made, one cant lie,
Tried one did but rewards did not fly.

Walking over cobbled streets,
Where judgement and failure always meets,
Dark corners are where comfort is found,
at each ending door , life comes round.

There was a time in life gone by,
Challenges did not make one shy,
Now one sits watching life go past,
too dazed to realise if its slow or fast.

Calls of cowardice one can hear,
From people far or standing near,
One just sits watching life go past,
Hoping sands of time empties fast.

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Terror on the streets of Gurgaon PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando   
Friday, 30 September 2011 17:58

Time flickers on life. Like a dying tube light trying so hard to survive its last remnants of fading hope. Every flash and fade of the tube is like a groan to shove aside what’s inevitable. Such looming thoughts of doom and gloom force me to find solitude or find comfort amongst friends. That usually makes me hop into my petrol guzzling car feigning ignorance to the fact that its mileage is no better than a SUV even though it’s no larger than a match box whose sides have been cut off. While I drive to hopefully better times towards Gurgaon, I keep cursing the politicians who have led us to a situation where I feel it’s better for me to carry the car than the car carrying me. Look at the bright side; at least I won’t get a speeding ticket that way.

Such thoughts of endless pain and suffering meted on me by people whom I have not even stared at with mal intent makes me feel cheated and slumping over my steering acting to be half asleep while being stuck in a 30 minute traffic jam for the 5th time in an interval of every 15 minutes, I lie to myself that it can't get worse. As usual, life proves to me that I have no idea of its cruel intentions.

As soon as you enter Gurgaon, you fear for your life. Of course what’s inevitable is death but how you die does make a considerable amount of difference. For the ones who say "no, it doesn’t!" let me put in front a hypothetical situation. You are on the pot having diarrhoea and crunching pain. Your pot is filled with stinky shit and as you were too late to reach the desired place of ejecting excrement, you have also stained your pants. All of a sudden not being able to withstand the torment of crunching bowel movements, you have a heart attack and you die. Now imagine being found on the ground in that position. Then again, a girl has been kidnapped and you are chasing them down in your sports car. You overtake them and a fight ensues . You kick the bad men's asses and put them down on the ground. One guy whom you over looked takes out a gun and shoots you but before you fall on the ground you over power that man with a flipping side kick to the groin, take his gun and shoot him. Then dramatically you fall to the ground but are caught by the extremely beautiful damsel "not anymore" in distress who puts your head on her lap and tries to stop your bleeding with her top which she has now taken off. You die but you have your name on the front page of every news paper and your parents find out the woman you saved is the daughter of one of the richest men on Earth and they give your parents a gazillion rupees as a reward.

Thank you for changing your mind, let’s move on. Driving in NCR as it is , is a very dangerous thing to endure. One needs bullet proof windows and sword proof armour to drive safely and return home alive however there is something more dangerous lurking which we all mostly overlook. It looks so docile and inconspicuous that we all shrug at it but should we?

As soon as I enter Gurgaon , I fear for my life. I feel outnumbered, out chased, out cast by one of the most horrific sight a man can endure. Women drivers! Women Drivers bloody everywhere. Makes me feel like screaming and burning the constitution of India for giving women the right to drive. Look left, a woman multi tasking her already sub standard driving by checking on her eye lashes, chatting on one phone, BBMing on the other and fixing the right side mirror to check her hair. Look right, another woman feeding her children on the back seat while driving with her knees. Look behind, two jabbering women discussing why their respective male bosses are bastards, while looking at each other , not on the road and driving at 80 kms / hr. Look front! there is nothing in front of you as they probably have driven off at such speeds that one would have to give polite applause. The possible reason why F1 is taking place in India. It should have happened long ago and they should have taken classes on how to bump each other's fenders while driving at 20km/h . A sheer impossibility made possible only by women of this country but then again I am sure women are universally equal to the task anywhere in the world.

Indeed, they do give you reasons to be happy as comical relief. Few days back while driving in Gurgaon , I had a good laugh when a woman drove onto a side walk and screamed at the rickshaw guy to remove his rickshaw so she could drive her car out of the mess she put herself in. The meek rikshaw driver didnt realise that he wasn't at fault and quickly ran off with his rikshaw. She was trying to drive around a red light. When those uneducated gujjars do this, they spit out abuses like someone stole their underwear but when they drive like lunatics on a night of full moon , we are not supposed to complaint otherwise we are just sexists. I have had the pleasure of many such funny comments made by women about cars. It wasn't funny because their statements were ridiculous but funny because they were so confident and hell bent that they were right. It took the unquestionable power of the internet and other such mediums to prove them otherwise.

I have always mentioned that there are obviously many more bad male drivers than women simply because the ratio of men to women driver is generally is 1:8 or more however in Gurgaon I think it must be 1:4 and now you can see the truth so clearly like after you wash your eyes right out of a sand storm. Few days back this big silver Innova almost banged into my car from the back and then kept honking. When I didn’t give it side, it overtook me from the wrong side. I was expecting a huge jatt to pass me by while chucking some insult at me however I was amused to see it was a frail thin old woman who could barely turn the steering with her bony hands.

The truth of the matter is that men drive bad because they are assholes who think with their ego. They think that driving rash makes them men and end up under some truck. Women drive bad because well they just cant drive. They think RPM is how many rotations a tyre rotates in a minute and they think that a vehicle doesn’t need an oil change for 100 years. They think all the mirrors in the car are supposed to be angled at their multiple body parts to be kept at their respective best conditions with make up and other such objective improvements that can be done on the fly. At the end I want to have a closure of the statement I had put across which was the very essence of this article when I mentioned about having a good death. I dont want to die, hit by some pink coloured swift with flowered vinyls because the woman driving it was too busy fixing her sandals while trying to push the brakes. I can just see the hatred being poured on this article even before its published but the truth must prevail, so cry me a river :).

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