Uncanny Resemblance Print E-mail
Written by Renu   

This anecdote which I am to narrate  here is  my own personal experience.

I really DO wonder how genetics play such a pivotal role in establishing semblance to your blood related family. It surprises me and amuses me to know how mannerisms , gestures, expressions, looks etc. are so strikingly similar that even one who is  half blind can form a semblance to it.

Reserve Forest of Delhi Print E-mail
Written by Anando   



There is no sensitive way of saying this but atleast I can try to humour myself out of a situation which simply enrages me. Animals are so horribly abused in third world countries due to uneducation and ignorance on the part of its citizens. That is something we are all aware of but what about the equally bad animal right violations in first world countries? What? It doesnt happen? Let me free your mind of such thoughts. Canada lets it citizens hunt baby seals.

Stickmen PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando   

My first centrally cynical cartoon with the help of crazy stickmen.

Where is my Money? Print E-mail
Written by Anando   

How many times have you heard people enquiring from you about your source of monetary bliss. "So, Where do you work these days? What do you do?" I always have this great urge of saying something equally irritating in return like "I stand on the roof and throw spitballs at people and at the moment am in search of a good sponsor for my random spitfire project". However unfortunately most of the time due to pressures of norms of this society I was content by giving an honest generic answer . "I am a web designer and I have my own startup company". Here is the kicker , I did start the company but it refuses to go "Up".

Where is my mind? Print E-mail
Written by Anando   

Chain of thought as comprehensive as they can be, they can also lead you to take anti deppresants. Elaboration on one such chain of thought forced me into a flash back sequence where I watched two - three idiots in my classroom back in school kill a lizard by stomping on it for no particular reason. This was some 15 years ago so my memory is a bit hazy. The fault of the lizard ? It had ventured into a class room which had hell spawns as its temporary residents.

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