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Written by Anando   


Random Poetry from the heart

As useless as the undesired fart.

No that is not the poem I wanted share, I wrote some random lines of poetry and its absolute crap but here goes


Civil Strife in my heart

I dreamt of great foritutous circumstances

to be handed the greatest joy of life

only for it to be taken from me

to leave my soul in a civil strife


I know now, that I wish upon a brick wall

which has no ears or heart of want

I take your advice to walk away

lest I perish from my hearts dismay


For the dream I hold, will hold me forever

No words can push me from my path, Never!

But deaf ears and stone hearts I cannot mend

Oh, should I have a coffin lent!


My soul woke up on the wrong side of the bed

in my dreams it must have fed?

its loneliness, all pain, no love shed!

in my dreams it must have fed!



By Anando Das Gupta 28/05/2010




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0 #3 Rajeshwari DasGupta 2010-05-29 12:04
Bravo!well done bro!im sure u always knew ur calling...now we do too.its not so random actualy...quite soulful.keep at it...keep it up!like AD said ill b watching out for more... :))
+1 #2 Anando 2010-05-28 14:24
haha , you flatter me with kind words but hope its not sarcastic however this is not my first poem..its just the first one I have put up for peaple to read.
+1 #1 2010-05-28 13:09
Amazing poem dude!!And to think of it..this is your very first...Always knew you had it in you...waiting for more such musings...proud of you my little poet..:)Hugggssss

People ...watch out for this space....for our very own Wordsworth..:)

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