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Written by Anando   

So the petrol prices have gone up again and now its 50 bux a litre. Fantastic. Ill soon be pushing my car around and during the red lights sit in it. Once it becomes green again, I shall get off quickly and start pushing it around.

Mr Murli Deora has the profound insight to ask the question " Why should we subsidise petrol for people who are driving cars?"

Well Mr Murli Deora I have the answer for you.

1) We are the ones who pay TAXES with which you pay and receive your salaries.

2) We are not interested in paying for your common wealth games, Mrs Shiela Dixit , Please do not try and organise Olympics , we will all surely be bankrupt then.

3) Please feel free to cut your salaries, stamp out corruption and wastage and you will find that you have enough money to supply us free petrol for a decade.

I think Mr Deora is highly influenced by Robin hood but unfortunately mister minister, we are not rich so dont steal from us. We barely make enough to have a decent life and pay for TB bills(yes thats Tuberculosis which I have for last 3 years). We drive a car for the want of good public transport . Yes, I am waiting for the metro to start properly so that I can ride that and save selling my kidney in return of petrol but you see Mr Deora wont have to do that because the govt picks up his petrol tab whose money is encashed by US. YES WE the TAX PAYING PEOPLE, whom Mr. Deora does NOT want to subsidise.



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0 #2 Anando 2010-06-26 15:26
haah! No I was just responding to Mr. Minister and his atrocious comment.
0 #1 Renu 2010-06-26 15:23
Lol !!Are you not an angry man?? Pay "us" as much as you can. US here implies the coffers of these ministers and corrupt government officials, clerks ...all and sundry. The "common" man will face the heat and the music. But then , WHO cares for them????

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