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Written by Anando   

Today being a special day for every Indian I decided to write something on this site after a very long time. I stopped writing simply because I was sick of feeling pathetic about my country and my city’s condition. We are being administered by hooligans and goons and the frustration has made me realise that not much can be done but that is not why I am writing . I am writing because I want to share something I felt after watching a program on NDTV about the Leh devastation.

It was really sad and tragic what has happened there and its worse that we Indians have become so immune to constantly learning about tragedies that it has stopped bothering us. The program showed two distinct aspects of the rescue efforts. One was being undertaken by as usual the army. I really salute the army for being India's one and only disciplined body that actually functions. Ofcourse there is corruption there as well without a doubt but if it was half as inefficient as our politicians or police force I dont know what would have happened (we probably would have been another Pakistan).

The other very unique aspect was the scores of foreigners who have volunteered to stay on and help. It was a heart warming scene to see hundreds of foreigners, doctors,engineers and even musicians (yes they held a concert to raise fund and make people feel better) getting together and helping out without asking for anything in return. Their usual response should have been "LETS GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" instead they are getting together every morning in hundres in front of the local administration offices and asking what they can do and they ARE making a change. So thank you Indian army and thank you guests we appreciate you being there.

Jai Hind and I hope I will one day see an India that will not frustrate my blood to a boil.

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0 #2 Anando 2010-08-31 00:20
yes you are right..definite jai hind to them!
0 #1 Renu 2010-08-30 10:44
These are the people who are shown on television for you to see, or in the newspaper for you to read. There would be scores of people helping silently without getting into the limelight. Jaihind to them too !

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