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Written by Anando   


Lets get the obvious out of the way first before I start describing my experience with the game. Am I a fanboy? Hell yes. Have I been playing long? Since Civ 2 with those ground breaking no animation unit movements (yes I was being sarcastic) .

Did I hate civilisation 4? Indeed , I did. It was probably the worst civilisation episode ever. Am I liking Civilisation 5? Yes a lot! *my mistake the game doesnt end at 2050 if you deselect time victory option,apologies*

Inclusion of many new fantastic options.

1) you dont have to build transport unit for sea anymore, once you develop it your land units will directly turn into sea units and back to land units again HOWEVER...they dont have any defence so you need to have attacking sea units to escort them which forces you to have a good strategy. Thats fun!

2) You cant have two units on the same tile. initially I was a bit irritated with it but now I am liking it a lot. Makes the fight more balanced.

3) No more stupid fight ratios, I really havent seen archers wipe out riflemen like it would in civ 4 (UGH)!

4) Beautiful animation, texture, model, terrain.

5) Most lovely Civilisation leader screens. They look So lifelike, its beautiful.

6) The controls are easy and you get the hang of it soon enough if you have civilisation experince.

7) City states, they are not civilizations but single city states. They dont compete with civilizations however they have a good part to play with lots of trading and gifting and many other things. They give you quests too which are fun and which can be completed for rewards.

8) Cities can bombard enemy units now from a good range and they HURT.

9) Cities have their own defence with one garrisoned unit, gives more strategy like garrison a batalion of cannons in the city and some tanks outside the city . Bombard with cannons on enemy troops and then move in with tanks or whatever you get the point.

9) The game ends DOESNT end at 2050 , in advanced option you can deselect the time victory option.

Somethings I didnt like

1) Seems you cannot trade technology. That sux. That was one of the best way of making cold hard cash and it has been taken away. I wonder why though, because it also allowed weaker civilizations some protection from total annihilation. This I would rate as the worst part of the new game.

2) I cant seem to be able to cancel deals and treaties (or maybe I just havent found it yet)

3) The fact that you cant have two units on the same tile at the same time. They can pass over but cant end a turn on the same tile.

4) Interaction and diplomacy options have not improved much, would have preferred a lot more options like passing snide comments etc. 

5) You can garrison only one unit at a time in a city, a bit irritating.

Not much to complain about though. The game is a lot of fun. Please check the screen shots I have taken and enjoy the game when you can.

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