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Written by Anando   

There was a time in life gone by,
Emotions and pain made one cry,
Pictures of hope and love kept at bay,
Dawned now, gone are those days.

Eyes have gone dry and one cant cry,
For hopes of redemption, there wont be a try,
Attempts were made, one cant lie,
Tried one did but rewards did not fly.

Walking over cobbled streets,
Where judgement and failure always meets,
Dark corners are where comfort is found,
at each ending door , life comes round.

There was a time in life gone by,
Challenges did not make one shy,
Now one sits watching life go past,
too dazed to realise if its slow or fast.

Calls of cowardice one can hear,
From people far or standing near,
One just sits watching life go past,
Hoping sands of time empties fast.

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0 #2 Anando 2011-10-10 22:05
thank you
0 #1 Renu 2011-10-10 20:46
An honest writing. But we still are not above all that u say...maybe we have learnt to manage it better with time and experience. Isnt that what is called maturity? But i'd rather be immature and "feel" than get immune and have passions run dry.

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