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Written by Anando   

Its been a very long time since I wrote anything on this site but as time passed and wounds healed, I realised that the unquenching desire to write has never been for anyone else but myself and as such its difficult to bury it. As life has been progressing and on every step of the way I realise that life is a pathway of soft grass and broken jagged stones equally, however to expect any fairness out of it is unthinkable.

Upon noticing pee marks on my floor made by one of my puppies , I sighed and went to grab an useless piece of news paper to hide it. For such purposes I always find the news paper magazines the best especially if its a day old. Upon placing the news paper on the pee marks, I was quite startled to see a name and face extremely recognisable on its front page. It was a picture of a brand new protaganist in a brand new bollywood flick sitting in a dramatic pose writting some nonsense , glorifying his humilty. I might have partially believed it if that man, once a boy, was not in my own class in Don Bosco School and was not the definitition of an asshole.

It was not out of jealousy or hatred but sheer sense of injustice, I wondered how a boy who bullied everyone escpecially the ones who were financially poorer than him (which basically was everyone) would be doing well in life where as a wonderful man named Clarence who was a rising star , a guitar hero in its literal sense and the softest and friendliest person one can meet dies of cancer at the age of 28. This is where one realises that life really has no virtue or virtuosity.  I read a very nice translation of Mahabharat that was gifted to me by one of my cousins and by the end of the book it made me think. Is life really a game of numbers, where what good deeds you do now will count and stack for or against you in the future , possibily in the next life.

Geeta strictly mentions the fact that ignorance of a wrong deed done is not an excuse to be forgiven . It doesnt work that way or so the good book says but I am yet to see any evidence of it. So at the end of this 'return to life' article all I want to say is "fuck it" , drink booze , do your best and turn into shadows and dust , atleast there is no escape from that even if you can escape from crime and punishment.

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