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Written by Anando   

Let's start this article by having a flashback. Around 85 years ago my grandfather came to Delhi to work. Pre independence era , black and white pictures and get it. He came with almost nothing, got a job and continued on. Then independence partition happened. My great grandfather in the huge melee lost everything. Fled to India to ensure the women folk don't get raped. Some 15 years forward  my father is born in Delhi. Works hard like his father. Some 30 years forward I am born. Works hard like his father Today we live in South Delhi and are known as what one would label to be upper middle class.

All this from nothing to basic middle class conditions with what help from the govt? Oh wait nothing. If anything the govt. charges us as many tax as possible and sucks as dry like a malarial mosquite. I think the only tax I don't pay is breathing tax and farting tax. What have I, as a Bengali ever got from the govt? except the middle finger?

Now living in Delhi all my life I know for a fact how well to do the so called Jats are. I visit Gurgaon almost every 3rd day , courtesy of friends and clients. If you ever visit a pub , the jats drive in there with the most money and the best cars . They behave like wild animals (as you can see on TV) and try to demand respect.

That's the exact same thing they are doing right now. The Modi govt with its spineless behaviour is allowing Jats to hold 30% of North India including the capital to ransom because they want everything for free.

Is it ok to help them out with tax payers' money? It would have been if they actually deserved it but they are rich. Richer than most of the people who visit Gurgaon to earn their living everyday while they put up their properties on rent and smoke hookah all day.

If anyone wants to know the truth of how they acquired these so called massive properties, I would strongly suggest them to read a lovely book called the "The Last Mughal" by William Dalrymple. This gentleman's research is undoubtedly fantastic.

This is what Modi's 36inch chest has come to. Being a coward and hiding behind vote bank politics. If this is the case then why should not Bengalis or Marathis also ask for reservation. Probably because we don't go loot ATMs, Gun shops , beat up innocent people (there are reports of even women being raped) or block highways.

Mr. Prime Minister, kindly show the spine you were supposed to and show these people that only hard work means reward. If you want to give reservation , give it to the actual poor of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand who sell their children for Rs 5000. These Jats come to Gurgaon clubs in the best SUVs and sedans , wearing expensive branded clothes and blaring Honey Singh, drinking best scotch which we cant afford. I wonder how they don't feel ashamed asking for reservation.

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