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Today while coming back from Gurgaon at 11PM I unforunately witnessed the aftermath of a tragic incident. Some one was lying dead near the Savitri Cinema crossing . As soon as I reached the Chiragh Delhi flyover I realised something was wrong because a bunch of idiots trying to avoid the traffic jam caused after the flyover due to the unfortunate incident were driving on the wrong side of the road. As soon as I reached the spot where the body was lying the policemen covered the body but I couldnt help but notice the blood running on the street and the fact that I had to drive over it. Imagine the horror of the whole situation but whats even worse is that I was only just a little frazzled by staring at a body barely 1 metre away from my car whose blood was oozing out on the street . We humans have gone insane havent we? I dont know who that man was...I dont know who were his loved ones ...who will probably not be able to sleep for years in peace and miss him day and night and it only bothered me enough to just write an article on it. ten years ago I would have been crying in the bathroom and today I just have this heavy feeling in my heart for that man and his family.

Yes I am well aware that this is a self defence mechanism we Indians have been able to activate to make us impervious to such horrid scenes but my question is what does it speak about a society's core values when we become indifferent to such things. It means we have no option but to move on? Because we cannot change it? When a man dies gray and old we shed a tear and say his time was over and move on...that is because we cannot change it but when a young man maybe hardly 30 years old passes away because some drunk retard believed that drinking and driving is fun and we still feel that there is nothing we can do about it , it shows that the society we live in has become rotten to its core.

Why do we feel we cant do anything about it? Simply because the Police will not move at any staggering speed to find the culprits untill and unless that man was related to some VIP and if some one else tries to dispense vigilante justice on the culprit , he will instead end up in jail. So what options are left for us law abiding citizens? Nothing, shrug off the whole situation and pray that next time that body wont be yours.

"The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy."
Thomas Jefferson
Our life is just like that now, we hear so much is being done, metro here, more trained police officers there, better medical here, and better dispension of law there but more things change the more it remains the same in this God forsaken country. Why has God forsaken it? because it created ministers for it and realised his massive mistake and ran for his life on the first rocket it could find probably to Alpha centauri. What can a common man of Delhi do in situations where he feels that him or her being a law abiding citizen must not raise a hand on another man even when that man is acting like a dick. He expects the law to take its course but obviously it NEVER does but if you try to dispense law on your own terms suddenly the law is on your tail. We have been reduced to the situation of being a 'Dhobi Ka Kutta, Na ghar ka na Ghat ka'.

Lets talk in more details about how rotten and pathetic and superficial our great Indian society is today. Today a life was lost(God bless his soul and may he find eternal peace wherever he has gone now) but because that life was of a human , there were police and men around it , trying to atleast pretend that they were being useful. What when some dog or cat or cow is run over by some super mom whose daughter is getting late for her dancing class so she decides to run over every non human it finds on the street because its family cant go and file a case in the court of law. People dont even think twice about the number of dead animals on the street run over by cars or trucks, they drive by it and as I have witnessed so many times , they even drive over it. What has poor Moti ever done to you that you think you can drive over him and smile about it later. Are you aware of the day and date when your humanity died? If you remember that day please try and figure out why you didnt jump of a building that day and save us all from your impending and unrelenting stupidity. The very fact that there are so many people who dont even stop their cars to see if the donkey or dog that was just run over by that insult of a human being is even alive or not, astounds me. What? getting too late for your evening Saans Bahu serial? Unforunately we are what our society is and as my friend Renu says that the whole world isnt bad because some people are, my reply to that has always been that just because some people are good , it doesnt absolve the bad people of their Sin.

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0 #4 Rajeshwari DasGupta 2009-11-18 23:53
a sensitive issue dealt with very maturely...good work!
0 #3 Anando 2009-11-05 01:58
agreed and I can think logically..believe that dont do unto others what you wouldnt want others to do to you but unfortunately 90% of this planet's human inhabitans have failed miserably in showing that they neither have moral or conscience. You are trying to fix your inhospitable little rock, the rest are trying to destroy it.
+1 #2 Oli T 2009-11-03 14:02
While I find this article moving, I have to say the concept of Sin is completely alien to me.

When I look at the world as a divine creation, it looks dirty and broken. When I look at it as a lump of rock in an inhospitable universe, I want to try and make my tiny bit of it a little better for everybody.

"Good" and "bad" are just words. What matters is what you do.
0 #1 Anando 2009-11-03 11:54
thats your opinion! mine is beat everyone up to make them see right, yes i know that doesnt work so i just sit quietly.

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