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Written by Renu   
Monday, 26 July 2010 22:11


What is THE purpose of our lives...each one has a different one attached to themselves. And IF we havent found one then we strive to find it to make our lives more meaningful.
And here I am ...not trying to describe the purpose of my life as I havent found one, but to get an answer to my questions from people who have one and have made it their goal to work on it.
Yesterday was a Sunday evening and I was driving back home from Delhi to Gurgaon at a decent speed , things were getting dark and like always Gurgaon roads were pitched with darkness , the electricity poles only to fashionably ornament the streets...sure must not have ever shone in their own glow. And so were the streets , devoid of any light except from the cars. I wanted to get back home as the empty unlit roads do not appeal to me and there always is fear lurking around. I am at a speed of maybe 50KMPH and suddenly a dog springs up from nowhere and dashes to the other side of the road impervious to the vehicles plying on the road. I steer my wheel to the other side which is the left, thinking it will make its way to the other side where there wasnt any car at the moment. Suddenly like a dog possessed he stops in his track and reverts back at full throttle. I swear to myself and brake and swerve to avoid him and I neatly do as I had already slowed down a bit previously but to the dogs peril the car behind me did not see him making a return and the dog got hit by the car. "Oh Shit", OMG were the first words out of my mouth and I stopped my car something which I would never have done on an unlit deserted street , this was coz I remembered a dear friend who is passionate bout dogs always wanting me to do that and also My conscience would not allow me to just be done with the situation. I parked my car on the side and to my relief also saw the other car stop with the drivers face in disbelief , anxious and worried. And to add to my woes she too was a woman driving alone. Both of us looked at the dog...and breathed out loud Thank God! It isnt dead ! She profusely began to explain to me how she had not seen the dog at all and ofcourse since I had seen it all I totally KNEW she was right.

Then started our escapade with the harsh realities of trying to revive the dog and get help. The dog wasnt hurt very bad as far as  I could understand , (I would not claim myself to be a dog behaviour expert in any way) but was scared shit and would not move. Thats what troubled us. He was hurt in the leg was what we could make out ...He suddenly let out a whimper which actually lifted our spirits..and after that he was inconsolable. Very bravely we started making calls to people we knew could help , We did get hold of some numbers and began our never ending ordeal of knocking at all the doors and not getting any response. A friend of mine who can fight the world for dogs could and wanted to extend help by coming here but then he was far away placed in Delhi and his coming could not have helped , he is linked to these high and mighty of the animal world and upon being asked for their numbers he could not divulge them to even a friend whom he knew for more than a decade. I had previously tried to get in touch with an NGO and had even taken a puppy there to nurse since it had been hit by a car in my lane...but I rememeber what a mammoth task it had turned out to be and also,I had friends to help me then. I believe my friend who has "pahunch" too tried getting in touch with these NGO's but nothing came out of it. We were there wanting to help holding ourselves morally responsible and do something bout the dog...but where were the so called people who ARE supposed to help who have made it their moral religion to work for the protection of stray animals? None of them responded to our frantic calls...the ones we were able to get in touch with asked us to get the dog to them. Standing there in the night trying to do what was morally right did not take us anywhere. We were in middle of nowhere ,trying to do what a good and responsible citizen and human should do. And in all this melee I realised eventual losers were "us".... a normal citizen who realises his reponsibility , wants to extend his hand as far as possible but with no support system in place eventually dies "his" own death.

WHO is responsible for the demise of such a man?? I would not know whom to blame...and even if I could take names I would refrain from putting the blame on someone else and escape unscathed.  "I" did not come out of this whole episode without burning my heart, mind and soul.

Does it mean this is not an acceptable form of responsibility?? How many strings do u pull ...Till u snap yourself and alienate yourself from these obligations that u owe to yourself and to the society ? If my "self" did not allow me to just drive past that injured dog whom I did nothing to then how come these brigadiers of police of stray animals dont feel a thing?? Or are they immuned to the woes of animals and humans alike? How did my friend whom I hold in huge esteem not give me the numbers of his so called high connections ? What is the force that works against his mind in getting help from them or even giving their much sought after numbers and that too for a cause so close to their heart to which they have pledged themselves to?

I might end up only asking questions , more of them and still more of them, but would they be answered?? I solemnly and candidly hope they are!!

At the end I would only sum up with what my mother says and resign this argument to "its' fate. Atleast they are making an attempt !!

All I hope is that "their attempt" is noble, not one with the futility of earning name, fame, money and power.  Ours definitely was !! Fatally futile!

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